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Select suitable specifications of the conveyor belt not only can extend the belt's use, but also can ensure the sustained and stable production, reduce production costs and maintenance costs.

Choose a conveyor belt (including the replacement) must consider the following questions:

1. Variety of materials being transported and their size

2. The largest capacity (peak volume) changes or not

3. The ability of equipment, working conditions and working environment


There are some detailed selection methods as below:

1. Select the tensile material and its structure

From multi-plies to the lower-plies, from low-tensile strength, low-modulus to high strength and high modulus.

In high-power transmission,steel cord conveyor belt will replace multi-plies fabric core conveyor belt.

2. Select the grade of rubber cover

General propose, Abrasion resistant, Anti-tearing, Heat resistant, Oil resistant, Chemical resistant, Cold resistant, etc,.

3. Select the thickness of rubber cover

4. Select the belt width











Home | Research >>Raw Material
News & Knowledge

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