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 About Standard Industrial Inc.

Good to great, to be No.1!

Standard Industrial Inc. is the leading exporter of Conveyor Belt, Accessories & Power Transmission Belt in China.

Our business philosophy is not simply to offer outstanding products and services, but to be the best and most respected in the industry, not only in China, but throughout the world. Our thirst for knowledge and innovation has led us to source, develop and promote some of the best products in the world, and we are proud of our achievements. Our professional Supply Chain System allows us to provide the most powerful cost control ability while ensuring the absolute quality of our products.

With our brand, StandardAâ„¢, our professional team aims to provide:

  • One-Stop Exporting for conveyor and power transmission belting.
  • Whole solutions for conveyor and power transmission belting.
  • Consistent quality with a global reach.
  • Unmatched service in the industry.

Our proven track record ensures that Standard Industrial Inc. is on the track to become the BEST. We will not settle for anything less. Our goal is to continually assist our customers and provide them with high quality products that will effectively meet their conveyor and power transmission belting needs while helping to maintain the bottom line.

We look forward to providing you with outstanding service and exceptional products.

Ying MA
President & CEO
Standard Industrial Inc.













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